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Meet the Flockers .. introducing Clifford

They say never turn your back on a ram but the exception might be Clifford.

He always comes bumbling up on the off chance of food (but the ewes stay well away unless you’re actually rattling a bucket).

The biggest proof of his docile nature however comes during shearing. 

Shearers avoid rams because they’re big and frisky - and cutting around the winkie, giant testicles and full length tail takes time - but Clifford folds up like a dream and sits there placid as anything. Meanwhile his fleece is as soft and fluffy as a ewe’s.

Aside from that he was a bit of a bargain thanks to a benign growth on his chest which has never appeared on any of his offspring (nor his splayed feet stance either lol).

He is named in honour of Clifford the dragon from the Listerine adverts in the 1980s who turns into a ladies man after a gob full of mouthwash.

Sweet and gentle he may be but there’s no doubt Clifford is all business come tupping time.

He has a 90 odd percent strike rate so far while the ewe lambs he sired got the best price at last year’s Bakewell hill sheep sale. Not bad, not bad at all.

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